Yoga and Running Benefits

Yoga and running benefits go hand in hand, which surprises many people since these are two forms of exercise that couldn’t be much different from one another. Running is a high impact form of exercise while yoga is a low impact form of exercise. Despite this difference practicing yoga can be very beneficial for anyone that enjoys running.

There are many reasons for this, but the main reason is that yoga will increase your overall strength, stamina, flexibility, and fitness level. These are all things that would be very beneficial for anyone that runs. Running is a high impact form of exercise that provides a lot of benefits, but it also puts a lot of strain and stress on your joints. Yoga can help you to strengthen your joints which will help to reduce your risk of injury.

The Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is a discipline that has been practiced for thousands of years. It started out as a spiritual practice, but today most practitioners of yoga spend time mastering it due to the many health benefits that it offers. What are those health benefits?

First of all, yoga is a low impact workout. This is important because as a runner you are already engaging in regular high impact exercise. Running may be great for you, but it does cause a lot of wear and tear on your body. With yoga, you can get the benefits of increased strength, flexibility, muscle tone, and stamina, and you can do all of this without engaging in any more high impact exercise than you already do.

Yoga will make you a better runner, and it will do this without subjecting your joints to any more strain.

Yoga will also make you a lot stronger and more flexible. While you may not think that yoga and strength training go together, they do. Yoga involves holding balance poses that force your muscles to resist the effects of gravity. For example, a plank is very similar in appearance to a pushup, but when you are performing a plank you aren’t moving up and down and performing repetitions.

Instead, you are holding a static position for a length of time. Holding this position will force a large number of your major muscle groups to actively resist the pull of gravity. Within a short amount of time, you’ll start to feel a burn as your muscles struggle to cope with the load they are being placed under. This will cause your muscle tissue to break down, and your body will respond by repairing the damage and getting stronger.

This process is exactly the same as what happens when you hit the gym to lift weights. Yoga will also increase your flexibility. The balance poses that you hold when performing yoga will force your body to limber up in addition to getting stronger. Increased flexibility will reduce your risk of injury when you are running.

On top of making you stronger and more flexible, yoga will also increase your stamina. How do you increase your stamina? You increase your stamina by forcing your muscles to work and get stronger, and by raising your heart rate and keeping it elevated during a workout.

When you are holding balance poses during a yoga session your body is going to be working hard. Your muscles will burn, and even though you aren’t moving quickly, or moving very far, you’ll quickly find yourself out of breath and covered in sweat. This means that your body is getting stronger and your heart and lungs are getting stronger as well.

Yoga originally began as a spiritual discipline. So, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that it has proven to be great at reducing stress and improving your mental focus. Part of being a successful runner is being able to push past your perceived limits, put pain and fatigue out of your mind, and keep moving forward. Yoga will help you to achieve these goals by reducing your stress and making you mentally stronger.


Yoga And Running Benefits Are An Obvious Fit Once You Understand How Yoga Benefits Your Overall Health


If you want to improve as a runner you need to run. It’s as simple as that. But, running alone isn’t enough to let you reach your full potential. You need to try other things to get stronger, improve your stamina, improve your mental focus, and reduce your risk of injury.

Yoga is one of those things. If you’ve never tried yoga then you’ll probably be astonished at just how challenging of a workout that it is. Yoga isn’t just a stretching routine, it is a low impact workout that will challenge you in ways that you never thought possible.

You’ll find yourself sweating and exhausted, and at the of your yoga routine, you’ll get a natural high similar to what you get when you are running a long distance.

If You Are Still Skeptical Then Give Yoga A Try

Many runners look at yoga and dismiss it. They see something where you stand around and assume poses and stretch and fail to realize just how demanding of an exercise that it is. If you want to build muscle, reduce joint pain, increase flexibility, and reduce your stress levels, then yoga is something you need to try.

As a runner, you should always be trying to take the next step further. You should be working to improve how fast you can run a set distance, or working to improve the distances that you can run.

Yoga will help you to reach the next level as a runner. It will make you stronger, faster, more agile, and increase your stamina, and it will do all of this without placing any additional strain on your joints.

In fact, yoga will actually help your joints to get stronger and reduce any pain that they may be causing you. Yoga and running benefits may not seem like a natural fit, but once you give yoga a try you’ll see just how much it can help you to improve as a runner.

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