Go is more than putting one foot in front of the other. Go is progress.

It’s taking the next step.
At Balega, it’s pushing further to help runners reach their peak in total comfort.


Our History

We are proudly American and South African. Our global roots define who we are and how we operate.

They also allow us access to the finest quality running sock material, manufacturing and staff in the world.



The Balega Team

We are more than employees. We are a community dedicated to each other and to making the finest running socks.

Our team of over 300 men and women is our greatest asset, and they are exceptional.

We believe self-empowerment is the key to growing the confidence and dignity of our staff, so we provide training programs focusing on personal development.

We proudly produce Balega running socks using American yarns in Hickory, North Carolina and Cape Town, South Africa. Both our Ultralight and Hidden Contour socks are made in Hickory.


Balega Impi Ambassadors

Impi is a Zulu word meaning “warrior.” Our Ambassador Team is made up of 136 Balega warriors from across the U.S. and South Africa.

These passionate Balega running sock fans share the soul of our brand. Runners, walkers, hikers, professional athletes, coaches, running store employees, and more—they come together to spread the Balega story.



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